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If we’ve never met before we can’t know each other.



If we meet, then we can become friends.


At first, we are all strangers to each other

  • Young refugees (7-18 years old) living in reception centres and eager to have someone to help them integrate into their new surroundings are called mentees by us.
  • Berlin residents (18 and older) having time available and being interested in taking on this task are called mentors by us.
  • A mentee and a mentor build a team. They meet once a week and – depending on what they plan to do – spend two to four hours together. They meet regularly for at least three months.

The idea

Our teams exist on the basis of mutual respect. They explore the city together, visit cultural events, practise sports, learn from each other and exchange their ideas.

Every team is unique. We ask you about your interests and your hobbies. You should tell us what you would like to learn and what you can do especially well. When we know all your personal characteristics we are able to find a suitable team partner for you.

We accompany the teams in their development, make suggestions about how to spend your free time together, and organize workshops for mentors’ further training. We also cooperate  with other organizations which could be of help to the teams.