Neue Adresse ab Januar 2017: Melanchthonstr. 15, 10557 Berlin

Tel.: 017698292415


Welcome to Berlin!

  Who is a mentee?

You can be a mentee if you are between 7 and 18 years old. Then you have the possibility of joining our program.

If your parents are here with you, then we would like you to ask them to let you join our program. They have to be present at your first meeting with us and our first meeting with your mentor.


Who is a mentor?

Mentors are citizens of Berlin (18 years and older) who want to help you to get along in Berlin. They are not paid for this, they are volunteers wanting to spend their free time with you.


A mentor and a mentee are a team.


What do teams do?

The teams meet once a week for three months. They explore the city, enjoy nature, practise sports, visit museums – it depends on what you find interesting. After these three months you may continue your partnership for the next three months.


How do we select mentors?

Our website and flyers we distribute at universities supply the information about us. Young people come to our office because they are interested in other cultures. They want to meet a refugee and get to know her or him better. We do some serious, profound talking together to see if we can trust the candidates. If we are convinced that they have good intentions, they are invited to a workshop, in which we prepare them for their task. If they pass the workshop successfully, then we engage them as mentors. We stay in touch with them until the mentoring is complete.

We are a non-profit-making organization independent from any political or religious institutions.